Fashion Design Supplies

Fashion design may appear to be a glamorous profession with branded clothing and accessories. However, a lot of hard work goes into the creation of a designer item. Creation of a design involves a multi-step process. The designer has to keep in the mind not only the theme of the design but also how to create that design. This requires a proper selection of fashion supplies.

The designer has information of all the work aids. These include pattern masters, rulers, French curves and setsquares with engraved markings. A Pattern master comes in different sizes for cutting patterns, while a flexi curve draws the design along it. A metric vary form curve helps in the creation of flowing lines.

The colorings of designs require color pastel and high quality charcoal sticks.

The designers also need a hem maker for making chalk lines at the hem length of the cloth.

Other supplies include the grader ruler, which is used for measuring curves. The designers also use the fashion scale, which contains curves for making armholes, necklines and sleeves.

Another item that helps in the process of style planning is the fashion tape. It is used for fixing up the designed outfit on the dress stand.

Both amateur and the professional artists use non water-soluble pencils in the process of designing the outfits. In addition to these supplies, there are the pin holders used for pinning the fabric.

The other essential supplies are the dressmaking dummies and the tailors bust forms that assist in cutting of the patterns and making samples.

The fashion designers need carrying cases for carrying their sketches, patterns, fabric or incomplete garments from one place to another. The wallets are also used by the designers to carry their fashion portfolios.

All these supplies put together help a fashion designer complete his job in the best possible manner. From the first sketch to the final outfit, these fashion supplies are almost indispensable.

Discover 2007’s New Fashion Style

Every year around this time all the Glam and Style magazines are a buzz as to what the designers unveiled at “fashion week”. 2007 seems to be no exception, as women everywhere want to know what fabrics, textures, colors and accessories are hot. Although spring has just begun, this article will discuss the new fashion styles already exploding on the scene.

With so many fashion designers out there, they don’t always seem to agree on all the new fashion styles presented on the runway. One thing they do agree on is the “preppy/prissy look”. To achieve this look, wear an Oxford shirt with either a tennis skirt (Yes! They are back in style) or a mini skirt (but not too MINI, so where as each step you take reveals what God gave you). If you really want to achieve this look, add a color coordinated tailored blazer. Topping the look off with a pair of strappy or chuncky sandals. For the more athletic look, wear a bright colored tank tee with a fresh pair of cool sneakers.

Another unanimous inclusion to this year’s fashion style is embellishment. Done the wrong way and embellished clothing spells DISASTER. The way to avoid this is by finding monochromatic pieces. This meaning clothing with diamond studs, beads, etcetera with a single color. Favorites the designers love are silver, copper and bronze. Most popular are the blouses or dresses adorned with crystals, beads or even edgy studs that move freely and flow fashionably on the body. When you find a blouse or a dress that is simply “to die for”, go for the total “glam look” by adding a pair of strappy or chunky high heels and a matching handbag.

Patent leather has resurfaced as another hot material. It’s popping up on more than just accessories this season. You can find patent leather coats, skirts, purses and shoes. The “new patent leather” gives a boost of high gloss finish anywhere it presents itself. However, you must keep in mind to make sure to keep it simple when wearing this material, so not to have it clash with other textures that are also on the scene.

Finally, the finishing touch….accessories. Statement jewels are all the rave this season. Showing up on everyone who is anyone, from New York, NY to Milan. Bangles on one or both wrists will make any ensemble you put on, sizzle with pizazz! (Most designers recommend gold, it never goes out of style) If bangles aren’t for you, you may feel more comfortable in a big bold necklace with matching earrings (something with spring colors that compliment what you are wearing). Embellished handbags are always a bonus.

These are just SOME of the new fashion styles hitting all major and minor department stores worldwide. With all the different designers, styles, prints, textures and colors, it’s enough to have you feeling overwhelmed. With a little time and practice, you be able to pick out the perfect ensemble and accessories in an instant! A guarantee to feel as beautiful as you will look!!

Fashion Over 50, 2010 Fall and Winter Colors

Fall has finally arrived, and most of us are soaking in cool crisp mornings while looking forward to wearing sweaters, scarves and boots. Even in the more temperate climates, it is time to bring out those darker colors and stash away your summer clothing for the season. For all fabulous-over-50 women, no matter where we live, we want to look our best, which means incorporating new fashion trends in to our existing wardrobes.

Forward-thinking fashion designers have to predict the future as they create seasonal palettes 24 months before they actually hit the retail stores. The designers at Pantone, Inc., the world’s color authority for over 45 years, have been preparing for Fall & Winter 2010-2011 for over two years, and the colors of the seasons were selected with a “crystal ball,” taking into account the economy, technology and “the needs, moods, fantasies and aspirations of consumers.”

The 2010 Color of the Year is a beautiful tropical Turquoise, which has been transported into fall as “Lagoon.” Turquoise is a color that is flattering on most everyone, and can be paired Fall 2010 Lagoon with neutrals, reds, deep blues and greens to add a splash of extra color. Long thought to be a color of faith and truth inspired by water and sky, Lagoon can transport your thoughts to a tropical paradise as you go through the cold of winter.

Fall and Winter 2010 colors are titled “Mosaic,” and include vibrant colors of the universe, deep darks, and rich botanicals, all based on the mosaics of the environment and of the human personality. Along with Lagoon, these colors include:

* Endive-a yellow-green that can brighten an otherwise dark outfit
* Golden Glow-an earthy yellow, like in autumn leaves
* Living Coral-a soft orange with a pink undertone
* Lipstick Red-a dramatic sexy red
* Purple Orchid-a purple with fuchsia tones
* Chocolate Truffle-evoking visions of delicious treats in rich browns with purple undertones
* Woodbine-the season’s neutral green, darker than sage, and looks great paired with Purple Orchid and Chocolate Truffle
* Oyster Gray-the season’s classic neutral, lighter than the traditional fall gray and can be carried in to Spring 2011.
* Rose Dust-a romantic, flattering beige

Today’s over-50 women are more cautious than ever about spending money on clothes. Cate Adair, Costume designer for Desperate Housewives, says “In these economic times, it’s actually quite fashionable to get more life out of our closets before we buy new. As costs increase, so does our appreciation of beautiful fashion. Fashion now is something that needs to transcend seasons as well as be seasonal. My new fashion rule is to embrace colors that make you feel good and breathe new life into your closet. Now more than ever is the time to mix new colorful accessories with your classic silhouettes. You’ll be amazed at what a splash of color can do to both your ‘look’ and your ‘outlook.'”

Sometimes, all it takes is a one new piece of clothing or a “wow” accessory that you can mix and match to update your current wardrobe for fashion over 50. If you can only get one new item, here are some suggestions in the season’s “must-haves” from some well-known designers.

�Adrienne Vittadini – The tiger print dress – very easy and very sexy, and comes in an earthy shade that mixes beautifully with rich jewel tones
�Charlotte Ronson -Pleated maxi skirt in sullen solids and restored ’70s floral prints
�Christian Cota – A structured drop-waist skirt in a multi-colored print
�Christian Siriano – A perfect party/evening dress that makes you feel glamorous at night
�Dennis Basso – A short, cropped, long-hair fur jacket in natural tones from Golden Camel to Tan and Black
�Ella Moss – The perfect day to evening dress that can be layered and worn differently throughout the season
�Frank Tell – Whether it is a perfectly tailored tuxedo jacket or a striking grommet-adorned motorcycle style, the suede leather jacket is a must have for fall
�Ports 1961 by Tia Cibani – A Pepper Gray carbon dyed slim jacket with metal embellishments
�Rachel Roy – Our very glamorous “fur” coats we are building with a new technology using absolutely no fur!
�Tibi – A fabulously structured tweed coat paired with a gorgeous, flowing, jewel-toned, ruffled top in silk and super chic Army Green suede skinny trousers with deep pleats – a romantic and reinvented take on a stayed classic
�Tommy Hilfiger – The Navy sleeveless blazer is a new take on an irreverent classic
�Tracy Reese – A jacquard lace strapless dress in Black – it has a raw, edgy feeling with a touch of sparkle

Spring 2011 colors are again focused on taking us on an exotic journey, with lighter colors including Lavender, Honeysuckle pink, a lighter green called Peapod, and a light clear blue Regatta. According to Pantone, “The season is a new look at definitions of harmony, proportion and balance,” with inspirations from the world of flowers.

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