Developing Time Freedom With a Busy Lifestyle

We don’t seem to be given much choice these days. We work hard and have plenty of money but very little time to enjoy the benefits of having worked so hard.

There are some simple tips and techniques that can help you enjoy your lifestyle more both at work and at home:

  1. Put NO at the top of your list – You are only one person with your own priorities. Its good to help other people but you need to set your priorities. You shouldn’t fear disappointing others by saying no. When you have time offer yourself to others – when you don’t say so!
  2. Schedule Meetings and Appointments – Try to book appointments that fit into your schedule. If you alter your self to fit meetings and appointments in, you will, in the long run, be putting yourself out.
  3. Delegate tasks – If you don’t have time and someone else can do it, ask them to. One day you will be asked to return the favour. In many cases you may find someone who can do the task better than you.
  4. Group things together – If you have a set number of things to do in a particular town, department or room aim to complete them all in logical groupings. I am guilty of checking Emails several times during the day, even though I tend to respond to most in the evening.
  5. Procrastination kills time – Don’t sit on something that can be worked on and completed. Thinking about doing something is a lot different to thinking about HOW to do something.
  6. Priorities – Get your priorities in order. Focus on a task and get it done.
  7. Don’t fret the small stuff – Some things have a habit of taking care of themselves. Don’t fret about the things that can wait or will sort themselves out.
  8. Conversations at work have a habit of getting out of hand. If you have something to discuss with a work colleague that is not work related. Make a time to meet after work.
  9. Put limits on yourself – Again, get your Priorities and maximise your time.

At home you can save time by hiring someone to do your gardening and wash the car and dog and various other tasks around the home.

The important thing to remember is not to cut back on the quality of the work you do in order to get it done quickly. Quality beats quantity on any occasion.