Bond Hair Extension

Hair extension is simply an additional length to the original hair. This is done by special connecting points between the original hair and the artificial hair called the “bonding.” Many people are afraid by the terrible stories that may lead to bald head. There is no need of any fear in this treatment, at the time of treatment our own original hair grows healthier and longer without any damage. Choose a good hair stylist before you go for the treatment. It may take time to find a good hair stylist, but patiently search for the best and undergo the treatment, for better result. is really a gift for girls and ladies with short hair. is done either with original human hair or hair made of synthetic fiber.

Before undergoing make sure that your hair is shampooed. preferable with human hair, since synthetic hair may melt when exposed to high temperature. Hair extension is advised to be done by an expert extensionist, since it takes the process of cutting, replacement and many other factors of our own hair.

Tips to find good extensionist:

– Ask them to show certificate of the course they completed.
– Ask the license for the job.

This may help you to find the good extensionist. Extensions are now available in many different techniques which may confuse us to choose the best.

Points to care Extensions:

– Use shampoos directed by the stylist.
– Dry the as you dry your own hair.
– Comb hair from bottom towards up when it coils.
– Do not apply heat to the tips.
– Use an extension brush.
– Regular maintenance for every two weeks.

At the time of removal go to a stylist and remove. If it is synthetic hair the area of bonds will be slowly heated up to remove them. If it is natural human hair a special solvent is used to remove the bonds. The life span of a extension is four months. The special glues will loosen as the time expires, so they have to be removed to protect our own original hair. Be sure the extension you’re making is worth the money you spend. With the introduction of clip-in hair extension it has become easy to have hair extension for both celebrities and non celebrities.

Instead of spending time in growing our own hair, we can go for hair extension. Use them as directed by a hair dresser and get a high trendy look.